Our ethics

Our ethical commitment to you

Born out of the passion of experts in heliciculture, cosmetology and creative innovation, our ethic is centred on 4 strongly correlated values :


Snail filtrate is harvested by hand from the farming area, located between the Drôme and the Ardèche, in accordance with a developed, patented principle, which fully respects animals, as well as an organic agriculture specification.

Qualité 100% France100% MADE IN FRANCE QUALITY

Our formulas incorporate the maximum possible amount of snail filtrate, which is the first ingredient in the INCI list. We have developed products whose biobased raw materials seek to promote a unique French know-how and fair pay for producers.


Our products are organic-certified under the COSMOS specification. This entails inspection conducted by a certification body (Ecocert) at all stages of the production chain, from farming to the manufacture of the finished product. This also involves the inspection of formulas, the percentage of active ingredients declared in formulas (snail filtrate being the first ingredient in the INCI list) and the guarantee of GMO, paraben, silicone, synthetic fragrance, synthetic dye-, and even nanomaterial-free products.

Respect de votre peauRESPECTS SKIN :

Our cosmetic products are suitable for even the most delicate skin. They are particularly suited to sensitive and damaged skin. Silicone-, paraben-, synthetic oiland petrochemical-free.

We are committed to being a responsible cosmetics
manufacturer in the service of both our customers and
environment. We ensure that our products completely fulfil your
expectations and bring the desired, long-lasting, visible results.